Ohio Conservation Federation

Ohio’s natural resources are facing many challenges.  Massive algal blooms mixed with invasive species in Lake Erie threaten the long term viability of the lake’s fisheries and the public’s access to safe drinking water.  Public places to hunt, fish and trap are increasingly shrinking, and water withdrawals are proposed that will impact spawning habitat of key rivers and streams of Lake Erie.

With these problems at hand, Ohio lacks a unifying voice for the state’s sportsmen and wildlife conservationists to bring these diverse interests together with the common mission of the long-term conservation of the state’s natural resources and the protection of their common outdoor heritage.

We believe there is a need for a new and effective conservation organization in Ohio that can bring a powerful unified voice for conservation to policymakers in Columbus.  While there are many effective organizations doing good work in the state, there is no sportsman’s-leaning broad-based conservation organization that is effective with state leaders in Columbus.  That gap is harming Ohio’s water, land and wildlife.

We propose filling that gap with a new organization – The Ohio Conservation Federation (OCF).  This new organization will combine the power and effectiveness with Ohio’s existing institutions with the clout and expertise of influential individuals.